The City of Feldkirch

What better way to describe the 36,000 citizens of Feldkirch than with the motto of the city’s 800-year jubilee “Stay open, curios and critical…“?

These qualities are what people love about it, and so it is not surprising that Feldkirch is continuously growing. The quality of life is high, nature and recreational areas are nearby and there is a wide range of year-round cultural offers for young and old, for families and singles  and for art and music lovers.

The city truly has a lot to offer: It has been a diocese city and bishop’s seat since 1968 and a university town since the Vorarlberg College of Education was founded in 2007.

It is a creative lab and musical centre, home to the Federal State Conservatory and host to event like the Montforter Zwischentöne series or the poolbar festival.

In a recent survey, Feldkirch was deemed one of Austria’s most attractive city centres. There is the listed historic city centre on one hand and a perfect mix of retail and culinary establishments on the other. And not least, there is the Schattenburg, the city’s prominent landmark.
During the Montfortspektakel, an international Renaissance fair, or the highly popular wine festival, locals from Feldkirch come together with visitors from neighbouring Switzerland or Liechtenstein. People have wine and a nice chat with neighbours and visitors from all over the world. Openness and hospitality mark this friendly city.