CampusVäre - Creative Institute Vorarlberg

CampusVäre - Creative Institute Vorarlberg is a meeting point and platform for the creative industries, digitalisation, science, education, innovation and culture at Campus V in Dornbirn, Vorarlberg.

Our mission is to revitalise the Campus V area and to create a network that connects the businesses, institutions and educational institutions based on site with regional and transregional partners. CampusVäre - Creative Institute Vorarlberg promotes the development of innovative formats and projects and contributes to positioning Vorarlberg as an innovative place to work, do business and live. It also aims to further strengthen the location and competitive edge of the Federal State within the four-state region.

CampusVäre is entrusted with the revitalisation and curation of the 12,000 sqm Sägenhallen on site. These halls will serve as a hub for creative industries, innovation, education, business, science, research, digitalisation, technology, art and culture with transregional appeal.

A centre for new opportunities and ideas

CampusVäre thrives on its dynamic character, the constant change and continued development of Campus V and peoples' ideas and aspirations for the area. In cooperation with an extensive network of regional, national and international partners, CampusVäre caters to current needs as it provides a space where people can come together and innovate. Concepts and ideas developed in recent years in participatory processes and expert rounds with business, industry, creative professionals, art and cultural institutions, companies and the local population are actively implemented on site.

Developing the Campus V area

We are revitalising the former textile mill halls and adjoining neighbourhood on both sides of the river Ach in Dornbirn in close contact and cooperation with key institutions such as the Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences, WISTO, Postgarage; networks such as designforum Vorarlberg and Startupland, as well as innovation and digital businesses and initiatives.

METER BY METER creates space for creatives and start-ups, for students and pioneers. Located in the heart of Vorarlberg, CampusVäre is a hub for everyone who wants to draw on the region's creative potential.

We establish new networks and cooperations through fresh projects including art in public space, the CampusVührungen campus tours, curated creative lunches, loading dock tal, concerts and collaborations with the European Forum Alpbach, the University of Applied Sciences Vorarlberg and the Ars Electronica Center. 

CampusVäre is a flagship project of the Vorarlberg brand. Its name is a neologism combining the existing name Campus V and the German spelling of the word atmosphere – Atmosphäre – to describe the unique spirit of CampusVäre.

Are there any more questions? We have a lot to share!

CampusVäre - Creative Institute Vorarlberg GmbH is supported by the CampusVäre association. Its founders are the city's tourism and marketing board Dornbirn Tourismus und Stadtmarketing GmbH, the economic association Wirtschafts-Standort Vorarlberg GmbH and the Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences.

Members of the association are Dornbirn Tourismus und Stadtmarketing GmbH, Wirtschafts-Standort Vorarlberg GmbH, the Vorarlberg Chamber of Commerce, the Vorarlberg Industrial Association and F.M. Hämmerle Holding AG.

The main sponsors of the GmbH are the Department of Economic Affairs of the Federal State of Vorarlberg, the City of Dornbirn, the Vorarlberg brand, CAMPUS V Investment GmbH and Campus Dornbirn II Investment GmbH.