The Bregenzerwald

Approximately 32,000 people (known as “Wälder*in”) live in 24 municipalities in the Bregenzerwald.

In 1970 these municipalities decided to join forces as the Regionalplanungsgemeinschaft Bregenzerwald in order to efficiently and sustainably develop their region. Together with the cities of Dornbirn, Feldkirch and Hohenems, they decided to join the bid for European Capital of Culture 2024.

The “Wälder*in“ are confident, independent people who are proud of their roots, but open for the new. The successful and often courageous combination of traditional and modern life stands out in the Bregenzerwald.

Joining traditions and innovation is symbolic for the region’s talents and strengths: creating artistic, beautiful and enjoyable things that are also thought through and useful. This interplay is tangible all throughout the Bregenzerwald. There is a strong sense of culture and history as well as social responsibility and honorary work. The Bregenzerwald represents craftsmanship, trade, tourism and agriculture.